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Articles and Papers

This is a selection of articles and papers related to Second Opinion.
Health Data Management, July 1998 - Making Eye Care More Accessible
"Two pioneering physicians establish a teleophthalmalogy clinic in a Los Angeles public housing development." Innovators 1998 Award.
TeleMed-E-Zine (www.feed-back.com/ezine.htm), July 1998 - Company Profile
Summarizes Second Opinion Software's Version 3.0 Release, capabilities, and client applications.
Strategic Briefings, Feedback Research Services (800.927.8071), June 1998 - Second Opinion Software's Version 3.0 Release.
Summarizes Second Opinion Software's Version 3.0 Release, capabilities, and client applications.
Telemedicine Today, June 1998 - Personal Telemedicine, Killer Apps for Store and Forward
Profiles Second Opinion Software's new release of stored video enhancements to the existing medical imaging and data collaboration products.
TIE - Telemedicine Information Exchange (tie.telemed.org), April 27, 1998 - What's New in the World of Telemedicine - Forensic Telemedicine
An overview of programs using Second Opinion which are decentralized networks rather than traditional hub and spoke models.
Texas Medicine, April 1998, Vol 94, number 4 - Fighting Evil
"A network of Texas medical professionals has been organized to work with the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS), the state agency responsible for protecting children from abuse and neglect. Known as the Children's Justice Act 'Telemedicine Network,' the project represents one of the first statewide collaborations of its kind in this country."
Telemedicine Today, Feb 1998 - Personal Telemedicine, Investigating Child Abuse
Highlights University of Southern California's Center for Vulnerable Child and their use of telemedicine to link with sites in Utah, Alaska, Texas and Florida.
Telemedicine Today, April 1998 - Buyers Guide
Health Data Management, January 1998 - Let the Vendors Come to You
Reports on a telemedicine "shoot out" in Alaska and how Second Opinion beat the competition.
Health Data Management, May 1997 - Saving Children's Lives
Describes how several sites in Utah use Second Opinion to gain access to care for abused and neglected children.
Telemedicine Today, Mar/April 1997 - Telecolposcopy for Child Abuse Exams
Telemedicine Dateline, Homer, AK...Describes Second Opinion being used in Homer to record and transmit images to far-away specialists "to expedite expert opinion for child abuse cases."
Health Data Management, April 1997 - Teacher Offers Lessons in Power of Technology
Describes how a surgeon at Yale University using telemedicine as a way to spread expertise on laparoscopic surgery to colleagues near and far. He is also launching a home health care project featuring Second Opinion.
Telemedicine Today, April 1997 - Buyers Guide
Los Angeles Business Journal, April 1995 - New Child Abuse Weapon Comes on Line; Home Care Options Grow

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