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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we get regarding our products. 

If the answer to your question is not here, you can also look at our Knowledge Base to see if an article has been written about it.

How secure is Second Opinion data? Can other applications read our images or data?

Both Second Opinion Professional and Second Opinion Standard can create and save images using our own Second Opinion Image (SOI) format. This is the default format when saving images captured using Second Opinion and is not recognized by any other graphics application. Imported images are not converted to the SOI format (unless you stamp them with the Identification Strip in Standard) to avoid altering the quality of the picture.

Each image file is accompanied by a thumbnail file that can be viewed by some graphics programs.

Our data is saved in the industry-standard Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5 XBASE format and can be accessed by any database management system, including Microsoft Access (using ODBC drivers) and reporting programs, such as Crystal Reports. Only security fields related to user login, password and rights are encrypted. This allows you to create custom reports or use the data with other programs.

What kind of encryption does Second Opinion use to secure data?

Second Opinion uses a 92-bit encryption algorithm to render some database entries, SOG files (used by Second Opinion Standard), SOD files (used by Second Opinion Professional) and data sent across communications links unreadable to non-Second Opinion users. The SOD files used to transfer information through communications to other computers now support the optional use of 128-bit encryption and password protection. This 128-bit encryption requires the Windows or Microsoft Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack installed. You can specify a password to use when creating the SOD file, or have Second Opinion ask you for one. You can also specify a password to try first when decrypting incoming SOD files. You can set the new security options from the Security page of the Preferences dialog box. Note that versions prior to 5.0 cannot read SOD files that use 128-bit encryption or a password. Also, if you use a password to encrypt your data and forget the password, you will never be able to retrieve the information in that file.

Can I exchange images and data with non-Second Opinion users?
You can exchange images with non-Second Opinion users by exporting them in a file format that the other user's application can recognize. Second Opinion will also recognize most popular and medical imaging formats. There are presently no functions to import or export data from the database to non-Second Opinion formats.

How do I get images into Second Opinion?
There are several ways to do this:
  • If you already have your pictures stored as a computer file, you can simply import them into a Second Opinion folder.
  • If you use a video camera, VCR, or other video device, you can use our Video Capture component together with a video capture card (also available from us) to capture still images.
  • If you use a digital still camera you can connect directly to the camera and download the pictures (your camera must support TWAIN software drivers).
  • If you use 35-mm prints or slides you can use a desktop or slide scanner to scan the images directly into the program.

Can I set up Second Opinion so that more than one computer at my facility can access the information?
If your computers are connected to a network, you can set up Second Opinion to store the data in a place accessible to all of the computers. You can then map a drive letter to that location so that each Second Opinion station can use it. Second Opinion can be licensed so that a specific number of users can access the data at the same time (the program ships with an initial single-user license).

Can other Second Opinion users send me information even if I am not at my computer?
Second Opinion Standard offers an Unattended Mode feature that automatically accepts and saves incoming information. A log informs you of what you have received.


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