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These telehealth applications use both telemedicine and "store and forward" technologies to allow medical practitioners to capture high resolution color or grayscale images, video and sound clips, and other information and send them using standard communication channels to a remote location for a second opinion. This easy-to-use application runs under Microsoft Windows® and features conferencing capabilities, integrated security measures, sophisticated annotation tools, and a customizable database. Second Opinion is a versatile tool that makes the capture, transmission, and storage of medical images and information a practical reality.


Second Opinion Professional Second Opinion Professional was created for facilities that want  to capture images and media clips, as well as more complex patient data, into a patient folder. The database is designed to be shared by many users across multiple locations. It was written to be much more customizable than our Standard version, and it supports integration with other products and custom forms.

Second Opinion Professional is also available to developers wanting to create custom add-ins. Please contact us for more information.

Current version: 8.0

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