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General Issues

Q101014 - HOWTO: Find my Computer ID and Session ID

Error Messages

Q101009 - PRB: I get a "CodeBase error -200"

Image Quality

Q101001 - INFO: Pictures don't look good
Q101002 - INFO: Scanned images don't look good

Electronic Mail

Q101022 - INFO: Size restrictions of email attachments
Q101008 - PRB: The Send Using Email command is not available


Q101020 - PRB: Unable to open database file - possible corruption
Q101007 - PRB: Frequent index corruption under Windows 95


Q101018 - PRB: Archive does not fit on the final media
Q101019 - PRB: Archive program crashed while archiving or restoring

Video Capture

Q101015 - PRB: Black lines in video capture using Integral Technologies FlashBus
Q101021 - PRB: Every other line is black in still captured from videoconferencing output
Q101005 - PRB: Video capture does not work under Windows NT
Q101010 - HOWTO: Install the Integral Technologies FlashBus under Windows NT

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