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Register Second Opinion to Activate Features

You will need a Site Code and, optionally, an Authorization Code to activate features in Second Opinion. If you purchased the software from us you should have already received a Site Code.

What is a Site Code?

To register and receive a Site Code and/or an Authorization Code choose one of the options below.

If You Have Not Paid for the Software

  • Removes the 30-day time limit.
  • Gives you 2 free folders.
  • Assigns a unique site identification code for your location so that you can fully communicate with anybody else using Second Opinion.

I do not have a Site Code and want to get 2 free folders.

I want to purchase the software.

If You Have Already Paid for the Software (you must have a Site Code)

  • Activates the software for the components and number of folders you purchased.

I already have a Site Code and need to authorize my installation.


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